Deep Sea Killer Shark

Deep Sea Killer Shark

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Deep Sea Killer Shark

Deep Sea Killer Shark



Deep Sea Killer Shark

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Deep Sea Killer Shark

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Deep Sea Killer Shark Prefers Dead Bodies

Incredibly deep sea killer shark attacks humans in self-defense. They mistake swimmers as if they are fishing divers who use spears to kill the shark species.  Also, they attack humans in order to establish their boundary. Swimmers are advised not to swim in the deep sea with wounds. Ladies should avoid swimming during menstruation. Deep Sea Killer Shark chooses to attack dead bodies or injured swimmers.

Amazingly bigger shark species like Whale Shark and the Basking Shark don’t attack humans.  They prefer to eat Plankton primarily comprising microscopic algae and protozoa. Small Species sharks like lantern sharks are not big enough to attack humans because they cannot ingest humans.  The Tiger Sharks & Bull Sharks fall under the category of deep sea killer shark species. They mistake humans with swimming suits for Seals or Sea Lions. Deep Sea Killer Shark attacks humans only when they are too hungry or just to defend their boundaries. Deep Sea Killer Shark doesn’t kill humans for pleasure.


Deep Sea Killer Shark of certain species habitually targets humans.

These killer sharks normally attack humans from below or from the rear end. Almost all swimmers wear wet swimming suits, so deep sea killer sharks get confused to make the difference between humans and sea creatures.  Not every shark species attack humans. Only 20% of the shark species are posing danger to humans. 80% of the shark species are harmless & always living in deep oceans, so they rarely encounter humans in their lifetime.





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