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Cherry Blossom Mount Fuji

Cherry Blossom Mount Fuji
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Cherry Blossom Mount Fuji

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Cherry Blossom Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is situated in the Island of Honshu of Japan. Mount Fuji is the
biggest summit with a height of about 12,400ft. An active stratovolcano that
last erupted in 1707–08, Mount Fuji is situated around 60 miles away from
Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This summit is visible from Tokyo if the sky is
not cloudy during the day time. Mount Fuji’s extraordinarily smooth and
symmetrical cone, that is snow-covered most of the months in a year, is a
familiar sign of Japan and it is repeatedly illustrated in artwork and
photos, also frequented by travelers.

Apart from Mount Fuji there are a couple of biggest mountains in Japan called
Mount Tate and Mount Haku and these three mountains are called Three Holy
Mountains of Japan. It is an exceptional spot of picturesque vision and a
famous site in Japan. UNESCO acknowledges about 25 locations of ethnic
interest inside the Mt. Fuji zone.

Mount Fuji means prosperity and / or rich and / or a person of certain
position. The ancestry of the name Fuji is uncertain, having no record of it getting initially called by this title. Historical writing witnesses that the name Fuji originated from “living forever” and even from the picture of plentiful warriors climbing the rising surface of the peak.


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