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Online Photo Uploading Center


Are you the owner of a digital camera or Camera mobile phone? So you can upload your digital photos easily & swiftly to Yoga-Aid Online Photo Uploading Center.


Option One: Visit Yoga-Aid Online Photo Uploading Center, Choose the ‘upload’ button and select the images on your PC to upload.


Option Two: Just send your images to save@yoga-aid.com from your camera mobile phone or directly from your email account.

Colorful Photos Images


Order professionally-printed yoga-aid sized, Glossy Photos, and / or poster prints of any photos in your account, on the Best Quality Photographic Paper in glossy finish.

You can have them shipped straight to your address within 24 hours with FREE shipping worldwide! Also, Yoga-Aid Photo Center saves your hard-earned money with the best prices.

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Buy One Photo, Get Two Photos Free.


Upload Photos / Images From Your Digital Camera or Camera Mobile Phone




The photos of your loved ones & yourself will look stunning on Polymer mugs. It will make your friends & relatives so happy when you handover such gifts like photo mugs to them on any special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc.

Upload photos of your loved ones and of yourself directly from your mobile phone, laptop or digital camera to help us create personalized coffee mugs. Our team will customize your photo mugs with colorful borders, letters and designs to make it look special.

Buy One Photomug, Get Two Photos Free.

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